David D. Sussman

Associate Professor, School of Global Studies, Tokai University

Adjunct Professor, Temple University, Japan Campus

I am an Associate Professor at Tokai University, and an Adjunct Professor at Temple University in Japan, with recent affiliations as a Fellow at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), and NYU's Center on International Cooperation, and a Visiting Scholar at the Global Development and Environment Institute (GDAE) at Tufts University. The focus of my research is to analyze links between natural resources, development and human migration, and conflicts that occur at their intersection. My latest publications include an analysis of the war in Ukraine and its implications for sustainability, a re-assessment of the "resource conflicts" framework, and a review of scholarship on mining development and displacement in Peru. In the classroom my teaching is enriched by a wide range of international field experience through study, research or work in countries as varied as the Marshall Islands, Peru, and Kenya. Previous work as a practitioner includes consulting and contracts with the International Institute for Sustainable Development, the World Bank for a project focused on refugee integration, and the International Organization for Migration, among others. I have a Ph.D. and M.A. in international relations from the Fletcher School (Tufts University), and a B.A. in government from Dartmouth College.

My teaching and research is located at the intersection of three core areas: